Elements of Epidemiologic Research


The elements herein deal with the application of statistical methods in epidemiologic research. So that the link between statistics and epidemiology can be elicited, it may be helpful to introduce the essential aspects and procedural issues of how one thinks and learns about objects of epidemiology.

The epidemiologic strategy with respect to the object of research may be described etymologically as "epi-demos-logia," the science of any affliction falling upon people. Diseases, defects and deaths being the usual material objects in epidemiologic research, epidemiology is obviously one of the medical sciences. The formal object of epidemiologic research is the occurrence of such illness events and adverse health states. Yet epidemiology may be seen not only as a science, a subject of our study, but also as a discipline, a knowledge of the basic principles and the methods of studying. Methodologically epidemiology is interdisciplinary in character.

We regard epidemiology as being concerned with the frequency of the occurrence of illness-related phenomena, primarily affecting populations rather than individuals which thereby gives rise to statistical and demographic problems arising in other biological sciences as well.

With these guidelines in mind, we present in the categories below some illustrations from our own research (navigate to) interests, projects or themes.




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